Circular economy comes into the everyday life of vocational baccalaureate students

15 June 2021

Olten SO - Eartheffect has launched an updated version of its online teaching tool Future Perfect for vocational and professional schools. The new competences are designed to help learners strengthen the circular economy in their professional environment.

The online teaching aid Future Perfect brings circular economy topics into basic vocational education. It is designed to prepare students for the challenges of resource scarcity and climate change. Above all, it is intended to make them ambassadors for the circular economy in their professional environment, according to an Media release from Eartheffect.

The Olten Consulting Office for Sustainable Development also developed the self-learning programme. An extensively revised version has recently become available. In addition to the already launched teaching material for vocational schools, there is now also a new variant for vocational baccalaureate schools. Both are embedded in the framework curriculum and can be integrated into general education lessons at vocational schools and into technology and the environment at vocational baccalaureate schools.

Éducation21, the national competence and service centre for education for sustainable development in Switzerland, takes over the Half the costs of participating schools. Future Perfect is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund. Future PerfectTest versions can be viewed online.

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