Learners as ambassadors for the circular economy

08 June 2021


With the online learning programme Future Perfect, learners independently acquire competences with which they strengthen the circular economy in their professional environment.

Competent professionals are one of Switzerland's trump cards, because they strengthen the innovative power of our companies. It is therefore obvious to start with basic vocational training in order to make Switzerland fit for the challenges of resource scarcity and climate change.

But how do you do that? The online learning programme Future Perfect starts at school. It has been tested for two years at various vocational schools in German-speaking Switzerland. The programme is designed to help learners independently acquire skills that will enable them to introduce circular economy concepts into their industry and company.

Extensive update

Now a comprehensive update of the learning programme has been published, as well as a new variant aimed at vocational baccalaureate schools. It offers a digital learning environment with ready-made content that can be used according to needs and individualised. With a project work as a conclusion, the young professionals carry a piece of innovation into their training companies.

The learning programme is integrated into general education lessons (ABU) and is embedded in the framework curriculum. Future Perfect is designed by experts from the consultancy Eartheffect.

Circular economy means that waste is completely avoided. For this, products must be designed differently, used several times and recycled. The use of renewable raw materials and energy sources are further components of a circular economy.  

Funding through éducation21

éducation21, the national competence and service centre for education for sustainable development (ESD) in Switzerland, covers half of the costs of participating schools. Future Perfect is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund.

You can find out more at éducation21 takes over the costs of the schools


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éducation21 topic dossier on the circular economy

With the expert support of the FOEN and sanu durabilitas, éducation21 has produced a thematic dossier on the topic of "circular economy" and provides an overview with information and practical implementation options such as Future Perfect.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Future Perfect from 2023 on Moodle

Future Perfect is evolving! In the future, our digital learning content will become even more flexible and accessible: From 2023, our learning content will be available on Moodle. According to our credo "Simple. Contemporary. Sustainable." we continue to develop.

Monday, June 13, 2022

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ESD on learningpath.ch

With Future Perfect, basic knowledge on the sustainable use of resources can be taught via the "lernpfad.ch" platform. Three Future Perfect learning paths on the sustainable use of resources are now available on lernpfad.ch.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Future Perfect BM

For vocational baccalaureate schools: The comprehensive ESD teaching aid for technology and the environment

Test now
Keyvisual Endlow-Grafik GE for vocational schools.

Future Perfect GE

For vocational schools: The simple integration of ESD in general education lessons

Test now
Keyvisual Endlow-Grafik BM for vocational baccalaureate schools.