Climate Fund Stadtwerk Winterthur promotes educational projects

09 April 2021

Winterthur - The Stadtwerk Winterthur climate fund is supporting two educational projects with CHF 20,000 each. In one, young professionals are taught skills in sustainability and the circular economy. In the other, schoolchildren implement climate projects.

Since 2007, the Stadtwerk Winterthur climate fund has been supporting regional and local projects on the sustainable use of energy and climate protection. This year, two projects will be funded with 20,000 Swiss francs each, informs Winterthur Municipal Utility in a Announcement. Both projects are in the field of education.

On the one hand, Future Perfect can look forward to a grant. The digital teaching programme imparts "knowledge and action skills on sustainability and the circular economy" to young professionals at vocational schools, according to the press release. A revision of the programme is necessary so that Future Perfect can also be used at vocational baccalaureate schools. This and the use of Future Perfect at the vocational baccalaureate school in Winterthur is supported by the climate fund of the municipal utility with 20,000.

On the other hand, the educational programme Climate School of the organisation Myblueplanet will receive 20,000 Swiss francs. They will be used for the revision of a digital tool for swarm financing. The outdated online tool is used by Myblueplanet to collect donations for climate projects of the schools participating in the programme, explains Stadtwerk Winterthur. Now it is to be made "mobile-compatible" and set up for the use of different payment systems.

The Stadtwerk Winterthur climate fund raises its funds through voluntary contributions from the customers of Stadtwerk Winterthur. Currently, almost 3000 donors pay a surcharge of 2 centimes on every kilowatt hour of electricity purchased. hs

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