Future Perfect - The digital learning experience for circular economy at vocational baccalaureate schools

26 July 2021

Future Perfect is a simple, contemporary and sustainable online teaching tool for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It implements modern teaching within the framework curricula for the vocational baccalaureate (technology and environment) in a holistic and action-competence-oriented way.

Some people already know Future Perfect from the version for vocational schools. Now the Future Perfect BM version is in the works. The content of the online teaching material is based on the framework curriculum for the vocational baccalaureate and fully covers the subject of technology and the environment. The teaching material places the requirements of the framework curriculum in the context of ESD and thus conveys concepts of sustainable development and the circular economy - in an uncomplicated and coherent manner. The focus is on promoting a goal-oriented and self-organised repertoire of actions with applications in both work and private life.

Currently, Future Perfect BM is being tested with several pilot schools. The online teaching aid will be available in the course of 2022. However, teachers already have the opportunity to test the mini-mission "Sustainability and the Circular Economy" (four lessons in total) in class for free. In the mini-mission, learners deal with the hidden costs of a product on the one hand and (in)fair trade on the other.

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