BZLT: Playfully towards sustainability

21 July 2021


With Mission 6 as guest at the BZLT

We were guests at the Bildungszentrum Limmattal and playfully put the learners' competences in sustainability and the circular economy to the test.

Nino Santoro's class had already completed the first five missions of Future Perfect and was thus ready to put the skills they had learned about sustainability and the circular economy to the test in a playful way. Over the five missions, the learners acquired knowledge and action skills on the individual phases of the product life cycle. They dealt intensively with each phase of the product life cycle: from raw materials (Mission 1), to production (Mission 2), to trade (Mission 3), to use and recycling (Mission 4), to the strategies of the circular economy (Mission 5). In this way, the learners were introduced to the principles of the circular economy in everyday life and equipped with the knowledge and skills to clarify the biggest misunderstandings about the circular economy, to explain how natural cycles work and finally to put products and companies through their paces in terms of their circularity.

In Mission 6, the learners took on the role of undercover investigators, who were tasked with carrying out undercover research on nine fictitious companies.

There is an urgent suspicion of greenwashing - the statements of the companies, which only serve to give themselves a green coat without really doing more sustainable business, are to be unmasked by the learners. At least that was the theory. But how did it go in practice? Leon says that the game was "quite fun and something different". It was also very "instructive". Arber takes away from Mission 6 that there are a variety of "fake news" stories that are supposed to tempt us (under the guise of sustainability) to exchange items such as smartphones or shoes more quickly. Therefore, Arber resolves to be more careful not to unnecessarily replace his shoes or smartphone.

We have edited a short video for you with impressions of the game, including a short interview with the apprentices Leon and Arber.


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Keyvisual Endlow-Grafik BM for vocational baccalaureate schools.