Sustainability in focus
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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

ESD taught across themes

The issues around sustainability and the increasing uncertainty about resource use are moving more and more into the focus of politics and education. These challenges call for skills and competences that can be used in both private and professional settings. ESD is a cross-curricular concept that cannot be addressed in a subject-specific way. Future Perfect ABU helps teachers with prepared and linked content on the most important sustainability topics.  

Linking to a narrative

Future Perfect GE links personal everyday experiences with theoretical knowledge on the three dimensions of sustainability ecology, society and economy.

The three dimensions cover the corresponding aspects in the framework curriculum. Building on this foundation, learners are taught in a cross-sectoral, practical and interactive way how their private and professional actions relate to sustainable development.


With a circular economy to sustainability

There are many approaches to achieving sustainable development. Future Perfect ABU delves into the approach of the circular economy, as this approach not only strongly incorporates ecological and social aspects, but also economic ones.

As the name already reveals, the basic idea is to close material and energy cycles and thus use as few resources as possible. In contrast to the linear economy still common today, in the circular economy a resource is used for as long as possible. Longevity, but also reusability, are thus central.


Circular economy as an opportunity for learners

The circular economy offers a great opportunity for the Swiss economy to expand the service sector, because the repair, redistribution and recycling of products require corresponding services.

Thus, there is growth potential in circular economy principles - without increasing resource consumption. Many companies in Switzerland have already recognised this, as a result of which the demand for corresponding skills on the labour market is continuously increasing. Teaching these skills to students is an important opportunity for our society to become more sustainable and at the same time increases the students' chances of success in the labour market. Future Perfect GE therefore focuses on the circular economy: the various chapters are based on the phases of a product life cycle and thus bring structure to the teaching programme.


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